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Services for Children

(ages 0-12)

The benefits of Reiki and reflexology are not limited to adults. With a background in Early Childhood Education, Sarah easily connects with children on their level. 


Sarah has worked with a variety of children of every age over the years including professional and personal experience with children with special needs. Having 2 of her own children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder - one also with the diagnosis of ADD & anxiety. Sarah always views children as the unique individuals they are.

Sarah also has experiences working with children that have suffered trauma. Sarah is not a counsellor or therapist but a safe space that validates, listens and supports children that have experienced big things in their life and supports them in their healing process.

Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length depending on child's tolerance and include tips for parents to be able to support their infants and children at home.  

Parents are always welcomed into the treatment room for sessions. 

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Reflexology for Children

Reflexology is just as beneficial for infants and children as it is for adults. Due to reflexology being gentle and non-invasive (and it feels good) it is easily tolerated by children of all ages and an ideal modality for parents to consider. 


It helps support healing of digestive issues (colic, upset stomachs, constipation), immune system, teething pain, cold and sinus issues, bed wetting, nerves and anxiety as well as promote sleep, relaxation and circulation.

"My son has severe autism and we have found that reflexology does work very well for relaxation and emotional regulation. The thing is I found it hard to find someone with experience with children with special needs. I take my son to Sarah Taylor Wellness"

~Stephanie Reid

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Reiki for Children

Reiki is beneficial for any age from newborn to the elderly. 


Reiki is administered by gently laying on hands or hovering over the body. Techniques such as this have been practiced for thousands of years. Reiki is guided by energy and spiritual consciousness therefore it can be used on anyone and never causes any harm.

Reiki is not an exchange of energy between practitioner and client but rather the practitioner works as a vessel to transport Reiki. 

Sarah explains what Reiki is to children in a way that they will understand and connect to it.  

Reiki is relaxing and helps support children with irregular sleep patterns, anxiety, stress, mood stability, feeling lighter and more grounded.

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"it was fantastic....100 great, I was so relaxed and even heard crickets" ~ B age 5

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