Full Spectrum Doula

What does full spectrum doula mean? Full spectrum doulas are doulas that work with clients during fertility, pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum. As well as a bereavement doula that supports clients that suffer pregnancy and infant loss. As a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner I was trained to be a full spectrum doula

Fertility Doula

Trying to conceive can quickly become stressful and overwhelming and nothing like what you envisioned for yourself and your family. Sometimes the reasons for the struggle to conceive are obvious while other times it's not so obvious and costs hundreds of dollars and hours undergoing a multitude of testing on both partners. Whether you have been trying for 2 months or 2 or more years I will support you where you're at. 

To best support clients in their journey, I am a part of the team at Fertility Quinte where our approach is a holistic model that considers body, mind and spirit. We offer a variety of services, classes and supports that can help you conceive naturally or can increase your success with assisted reproductive technology such as IUI or IVF. 

Fertility Services

Fertility Consult with Fertility Quinte~$100

 ~Meet with an experienced Holistic Reproductive Practitioner online or at our clinic. During this consult we will go through your health history and fertility journey up until now. Based on your specific situation you will receive information and custom holistic fertility plan(s) for healing support. You'll leave your consult with a deeper understanding of your situation and how our local clinic or other community practitioners can help you specifically. 

Fertility 3 month Reflexology & Reiki Package ~ $800 per partner

(*payment options are available)

 ~ This package includes 6 weeks of weekly reflexology sessions followed by 6 weeks of bi-monthly reflexology sessions for a total of 9 reflexology sessions with 3 Reiki sessions to use throughout the 12 weeks. 

Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy with roots in a number of cultures and countries around the world. Reflexology is focused pressure to specific areas and points on the feet. This directly improves circulation, digestion, sleep, relaxation and stress removal.

Whether there is a fertility diagnosis or not reflexology is often a therapy of choice for those trying to conceive. During a reflexology session we have access to the whole body through the feet. Reflexology continues to be effective for up to 5 days following a session. To maximize the benefits of reflexology and increase chances of conception, both partners should consider weekly reflexology sessions for 6 weeks followed by bi-weekly sessions for 6 weeks to receive the full benefits of reflexology. 

Reiki adds an extra element to the healing of the body as it clears

and supports the release of energetic blocks. 

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