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By My Side Doula Support 

The What of the program?

The By My Side Doula Support program is designed to support single pregnant persons needing support during their pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum periods that cannot afford the added expense of doula care. It is a strictly by referral based program, Referrals can be received by midwives, nurse practitioners, doctors and agencies that work with pregnant persons. 


By My Side Clients will receive the following services on a fully subsized or sliding scale:

  • 2 Prenatal Visits includes reflexology or Reiki session if client wishes

  • Unlimited telephone, text and email support

  • Optional support available for medical prenatal appointments (*by cases basis)

  • On Call Service 24/7 from 38 weeks gestation until birth 

  • Continuous labour support 

  • 2 Postpartum visits includes reflexology or Reiki sessions if client wishes (*possibly more if required)

  • Unlimited breastfeeding/infant feeding support 

  • Unlimited infant care support

  • 15% discount on additional reflexology or Reiki sessions up to a year postpartum

  • Includes Dancing For Birth™ classes, Sarah Taylor Wellness Workshops and discounted workshops/classes that are hosted with other practitioners and businesses.

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The Why of the program?

As a single mother Sarah gets the struggle!

Supporting those with little to no support is a passion of Sarah's as she knows how valuable support is for a positive pregnancy and birth is as well as support during the postpartum period. For 5 of her 6 births (including a still birth) Sarah had doula support. Often without a partner for support she relied on the support of her doula.  Going through pregnancy, birth and postpartum is HARD and HEAVY even with lots of support.  By My Side Doula Support is here to make it even just a little bit easier and lighter for those with limited support.

The How of the program?

By My Side Doula Support Program is strictly a referral based program. Referrals can be received by midwives, nurse practitioners, doctors and agencies that work with pregnant persons. 

After I receive the referral I will email the client a questionnaire. If the client is interested in moving forward we will set up a doula interview.  After the interview the client will be contacted whether or not they have qualified for the program.  If they have qualified for the program an acceptance letter and doula contract will be emailed.  If they have not qualified for the program we will come up with alternative solutions that may be beneficial for them. (ex being put on the waitlist, other doulas that may be available etc.)

There are currently only 2 spaces available each month for By My Side Doula Support clients.  

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Funding of the program?

By My Side Doula Support Program will receive $100 from every STW Doula package fee to support the services being offered. 

Donations to the program are gratefully welcomed.  Donation receipts for tax purposes are not available at this time. 

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