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Sarah Taylor Wellness offers regularly scheduled workshops that can be found here as well as on our social media pages.

Sarah Taylor Wellness wants to bring as many services as she can to her clients. So she will be collaborating with other practitioners and business for workshops, classes and series.


If you have a suggestion of a collaboration you think would be beneficial to yourself and other client let me know!

*Please note all Doula clients have complimentary access to all workshops Sarah Taylor Wellness offers and discounted access to workshops collaborated with community partners.


Wellness Workshops

*Please see Events page for dates

*For private workshops click here


Baby is Coming Birth Prep ~$30

~During this 1 hour workshop we will go over birth plans, what to pack in yours and baby's bags, do fear release and relaxation practice.

Stages & Comfort Measures for Labour & Birth ~$60

~This two hour in person workshop is designed for a birthing person and one support person. Learn the stages of labour from early labour through to the delivery of the placenta and different ways to position, move, use props and use your support person during labour and birth.

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