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Full Spectrum Doula

What does full spectrum doula mean? Full spectrum doulas are doulas that work with clients during fertility, pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum. As well as a bereavement doula that supports clients that suffer pregnancy and infant loss.


A doula provides informational, emotional as well as hands on support by way of reflexology, Reiki and comfort measures. As a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner I was trained to be a full spectrum doula

Doula Support

Whether you want a home, birth center or hospital birth, with midwives or with doctors it is important that you know what to expect, know your options and are cared for and supported throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.  

A doula's primary responsibility is to support their clients in the vision of their birth, to educate and inform clients of options available to them as well as the risks and benefits for all options. 

Doulas are professional non-clinical support people that are committed to knowing their client, knowing their values and the reasons why they have made the decisions they have for their birth wishes. 

It is believed that the connection a doula has with her clients and the way that they connect increases the natural production of the hormone oxytocin as well as endorphins which promote labour progress, strengthen contractions and decreases sensations of pain. As well as reduces anxiety and pain.

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Sarah Taylor Wellness

Did you know?

Doula support in labour:

  • Shortens labour by an average of 41 minutes

  • Decreases your risk of a cesarean section by 39% 

  • Decreases the use of medications for pain relief by 10%

  • Increases the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth by 15%

  • Decreases the risk of low 5 min APGAR score by 38%

  • Decreases the risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience by 31%

  • Lowers the risk of postpartum depression

Why choose Sarah Taylor Wellness as your doula?

As a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner I am more than a doula, I am a full spectrum doula that can support you from preconception all the way through the postpartum period. I also offer reflexology and Reiki support. 

I believe in supporting clients in their vision for their labour and birth. Ensuring they have the information they need and want to make informed choices every step of the way. I offer support by way of comfort measures, information sharing, emotional support, space holding and more before, during and after birth.

In addition to being a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner I am also a Certified Dancing For Birth™ Instructor. All of Sarah Taylor Wellness Doula clients will receive the option of attending Dancing For Birth™ classes as part of their package.  No dance experience or coordination required!

Doula Package ~investment $1100


  • 2 Prenatal Visits

  • 1 Maternity reflexology or Reiki in clinic session

  • Unlimited telephone, text and email support

  • On Call Service 24/7 from 38 weeks gestation until birth 

  • Continuous labour support  

  • 2 Postpartum visits which includes a reflexology session if client wishes

  • Unlimited breastfeeding/infant feeding support 

  • Unlimited infant care support

  • 15% discount on additional reflexology or Reiki sessions up to a year postpartum including packages (prenatal reflexology & Reiki package and postpartum reflexology & Reiki package)

  • Includes Dancing For Birth™ classes.

  • 15% discount on group and private workshops and classes offered by Sarah Taylor Wellness up to a year postpartum

Prenatal Services

Doula Interview ~ FREE

 ~Doula interviews are always free. Book for an in person or virtual appointment. A doula interview is a chance to connect and get to know each other. Find out what you're expecting for your birth and see if I would be a good fit to your birth team

1 hour with a doula virtually~$75

~1 hour to ask any questions you may have about what a doula does, your upcoming birth or postpartum. Birth wishes, information gathering. Whatever you would like :)  ~ After booking I will send you an email with a form for you to choose what you would like to discuss by priority

2 hour in person prenatal visit ~$125

~2 hour visit either in your home or at Sarah Taylor Wellness to answer any questions, as well as address some of the top things you would like support with such as:

*stages of labour, medical interventions, informed choices, comfort measures, prenatal, labour and delivery positions and movement, birth wishes, postpartum wishes. ~ After booking I will send you an email with a form for you to choose what you would like to discuss by priority

90 Minute Breech Session ~$125

~this session is for clients with a breech baby in their last trimester, it consists of a Reiki session followed by moxabustion and more.

Private Baby is Coming Birth Prep Workshop ~$60

(for group workshop click here)

  • Private one on one + birth partner workshop to discuss labour and birth options, birth plans and what to pack in the bags. As well as a fear release and relaxation practice. 

Private Stages and Comfort Measures for Labour & Birth ~$60

(for group workshop click here)

  • This private session is designed for a birthing person and one support person. It takes all that is offered in our group workshop and gives a more personalized and intimate experience.   Learn the stages of labour from early labour through to the delivery of the placenta and different ways to position, move, use props and your support person during labour and birth.

Prenatal Reflexology & Reiki Package ~$1250 (savings of almost $300)

(*payment options available)

~ Reflexology and Reiki are beneficial while pregnant. With this in mind Sarah Taylor Wellness offers a discounted bundled package that includes 17 sessions -  15 Reflexology or Reiki sessions and 2 Reflexology and Reiki Combo sessions. This program allows for monthly sessions until 28 weeks gestation, bi-weekly sessions from 29-36 weeks gestation, weekly sessions from weeks 37-40 weeks as well as 2 postpartum session. If your pregnancy goes over 40 weeks we can continue complimentary sessions until baby is born. You can use these sessions at any time during your pregnancy this is just a guideline. 

Client Testimonial

Doula, birth doula
Starred Ball

Sarah Taylor Wellness came highly recommended to me by another local business owner when I was already 37 weeks pregnant. When I reached out to Sarah, she immediately responded with warmth, acceptance and an offer to modify a package for me. I instantly vibed with her in a video chat the next day.


Whether it was through her reflexology or reiki, Sarah always left me feeling grounded, yet uplifted and serene. Her emotional and spiritual support were so relieving in my moments of doubt or uncertainty. In the short time we had to go, Sarah covered an array of topics to aid my confidence in my first homebirth. I had never heard of a rebozo before, nor Dancing for Birth! I loved meeting with Sarah for how informative, comforting and encouraging she is, but our meetings were always a lot of fun, too!


The morning I went into labour, Sarah was ready to come over any time. I expected we had a while to go, we agreed for her to check in after she took her kids to school. My bundle decided to join us just as Sarah was pulling up. She joined my partner, myself and our new baby boy in our family home, and like an angelic wisp of light, she helped us tidy, passed me a coffee, helped us cut his umbilical cord, helped birth our placenta, and another trillion little things that my mind couldn't focus on. Amongst the many ways that Sarah contributed to the happy, healthy delivery of our son, the most memorable and cherished part is her love.


 I was blessed to have a modified package that allowed for a little extra Sarah time after delivery. The universe knows when to put people in our lives. I am so grateful for everything Sarah adds to ours! To top it all off, she wrote the most beautiful birth story for us, and I look forward to bawling my eyes out with tears of joy when I read it to him on his birthdays. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Sarah Taylor for any pregnant woman seeking a little extra support throughout her journey!

Best Doula Ever.

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