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Postpartum Support

Becoming a new parent whether for your first child or your sixth there is always a transition period from womb to arms. It is important for me for clients to know that there is support available if this transition is big and hard or even if they just have a couple questions.

I offer support as early as birth to families desiring this. The first latch if breastfeeding, emotional support, information sharing as well as other supports that may be needed.

Postpartum support is individual and can be needed at any time during the first couple years after birth (it can be longer, there is no time limit).

I offer support for many things that could need it during the postpartum period including but not limited to birth trauma, breastfeeding and infant feeding, infant care, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, placentophagia, as well as pregnancy and infant loss. 

Postpartum Services 

Postpartum Support ~ Initial consult free 

~Meet with Sarah online or in clinic. This consult is to assess postpartum needs and supports that could be beneficial.

Birth Trauma Reiki support ~ $85 

Infant reflexology or Reiki ~ $15 

Postpartum Reflexology or Reiki ~ $85 

*can be packaged in a prepurchase 4 save 15% bundle

Postpartum Reflexology & Reiki Package ~$850

~includes 12 sessions of Reflexology or Reiki - in home if desired

*payment options are available

Client Testimonial

I went to STW for a reiki treatment with my baby. He fell asleep as soon as it started (magic?!). For me, it was a calming and peaceful time where I could focus on my mental health and postpartum healing. I've previously gone to Sarah for reflexology and Dancing for Birth. The reflexology was amazing and really helped me feel better - I genuinely got relief from a sinus cold. Dancing for birth classes were fun, active, and educational. I absolutely enjoyed them and hope to go back soon!  Sarah's new space is larger and inviting. It's relaxing to receive treatment from her and she listens earnestly to you.


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