Reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied on the feet. Pressure applied to points and areas on the feet correspond or are relative to other areas of the body.

There are points on the feet for every part, gland and organ in the body. By applying pressure to these various points it can stimulate a healing response in the body.

Reflexology combines the body's own energy and the healing effects of touch therapy to promote a healing response

Reflexology is also a great preventative therapy as stimulating areas of the body that are out of balance or stagnate can potentially heal these areas before an illness occurs.

Reflexology is not just beneficial physically. It is also beneficial for the mind and soul. It is not uncommon for emotions that have been being held in the body to be released more easily through reflexology.

Reflexology is safe and effective for everyone from newborns to the elderly.


The four main benefits of reflexology are:

1. Relaxation and the removal of stress

2. Enhanced circulation

3. Assists the body to normalize the metabolism naturally

4. Complements all other healing modalities

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